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At First Church we know that God has graced each of us with different gifts to use in furthering God’s Kingdom work here in the world. First Church friends and family use their gifts throughout the church, our community, and beyond.


On Sundays, the community of faith gathers together to offer a sacrifice of praise to God. Each and every week, numerous volunteers seek to both make worship at First Church a warm and hospitable environment and lead the congregation so that those worshiping can remain focused upon their creator. Whether it’s singing in the choir, welcoming guests, assisting with transportation, or helping with media, there are numerous opportunities for you to serve on Sunday mornings.


At First Church we seek to be a church beyond walls, meaning our focus is beyond just the members and what happens within the walls of our church. Instead, we continually ask God how we can be used to impact the lives of those in our community.


First Church has a strong connection throughout the state of Oklahoma and outside of our country in places like Bolivia. This comes from a long history of sending mission teams and resources to places in need outside of the Stillwater community.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]