Becoming Whole Again

In her sermon, “Becoming Whole Again,” Pastor Cindy addresses Ezekiel 37:1-14 in which God breathes life into a valley filled with bones. Ezekiel and his vision of the Valley of Dry Bones represents that, in spite of the hopelessness felt by the Jews who had been living in captivity in Babylon for so long, God is able to restore their lives.  The resurrection of the dead is completely dependent upon God so that there can be no doubt that it lies outside of our powers.  Dry bones…forgotten names…forgotten lives.  Many things may be thought about dry bones; but, the possibility of them coming back to life is not one of them.  God does not merely resurrect the bones; God breathes the Spirit into them.  Maybe God’s question to us this Lent is, “What can your spiritual dry bones teach you?”  What can you learn about yourself and your relationship with the world from the painful and difficult times in your life?   What would we find out about our spiritual maturity if we examined our spiritual bones?”


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