First United Methodist Church
Monday, April 23, 2018
We are a church beyond walls.


The charge of the Mission Committee shall be to pattern Christian discipleship after the servant hood of Jesus, who cared for the sick, fed the hungry, and befriended the outcast. It shall participate in groups in order to serve the needs of the poor and marginalized, advocate for social justice, and demonstrate their faith in all their relationships. The committee shall look for ways to bring the Word to those we are serving. This group also directs funds given to various mission discretionary accounts and supports services such as UMCOR. It will also train and equip the congregation to best serve in missions.

Missions Committee

Jeff Moore, Chair
Doug Crawley, Doug Valley, Karen Hinton, Linda Blum, Nancy Allford 2017
Cal Underwood, Julie Norris, Jeff Moore, Jim Terrill, Dick Overholt
Ed Long, Darrel Domnick, Mark Whitfield, Kathy Sandefur, Brandi Dotter, Sherry Hesler 2019