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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Missions Scholarship

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Please click here to download the First United Methodist Church Missions Committee Scholarship Grant Guidelines and Application.

Missions Committee Scholarship Grant Guidelines

Funds for the scholarships will come from the Irma Manning Trust and contributions to the General Missions designated funds.
Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who are members of our congregation/youth group and to individuals who can bring a special expertise to a mission trip as determined by the Missions Committee.
Irma Manning Trust funds may provide scholarship assistance for members of FUMC Stillwater, only. “Mission” funds will be used to provide scholarships to those who are not members of FUMC Stillwater, or to add to the amount awarded to members from the Manning Trust.
A scholarship may be awarded to an individual for up to one-half of the amount of the tuition of the mission trip. The quantity and amounts of scholarships awarded will depend on the funds available at the time of the request(s). No “loans" will be made for trips.
Applicants may request a scholarship once per calendar year with preference given to those who have not received assistance previously. The Team Leader will be consulted regarding applicants during the selection process. The Youth Director will also be consulted regarding youth applicants.
The application must be a written application on a form available in the church office or you can download it by clicking here. The applications shall be turned in to the church office prior to the last Missions Committee meeting before the mission is scheduled to begin. The Missions Committee will review applications to select recipients and award scholarship amounts.
Recipients of funds will be strongly encouraged to share their experience with the congregation and others through a story, poster display, or presentations to church groups, or through a blog. Said presentations should tell their story of how they saw Jesus working in the lives of those with whom they went to Mission. At the very minimum, a written testimonial is to be submitted to the Missions Committee within 60 days of completion of the mission explaining how the funds helped and how the mission has affected the life of the Scholarship recipient.
All applicants will be encouraged to seek other assistance for their trip by writing letters of request to family and friends, or by other fund raising activities to supplement the cost of the trip. Fund raising activities within the FUMC congregation must be approved in advance by the Senior Pastor, or as provided through church policy.
For more information, please contact Doug Valley.

Please click here to download the First United Methodist Church

Missions Committee Scholarship Grant Guidelines and Application.