First United Methodist Church
Monday, April 23, 2018
We are a church beyond walls.

Oklahoma Conference


1501 Northwest 24th Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

(405) 530-2000 


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Oklahoma Annual Conference

May 29 – June 1

Location: Oklahoma City University & St. Luke’s UMC

The heart of our ministry is continuing Jesus Christ's example of outreaching love. We witness to the world by living lovingly and justly as servants of Christ; spreading the good news; and teaching, healing and caring for God's children. The United Methodist church is a part of the church universal. All persons-regardless of race, color, national origin, and status or economic condition-are welcome to attend United Methodist services, to receive Holy Communion and to be baptized and admitted into membership.
The Annual Conference is the local churches in Oklahoma's primary link in the greater church's connectional structure. The Annual Conference meets annually. Representing the basic body of the church, annual conference delegates vote on all constitutional amendments, or election of clergy and lay delegates to General and Jurisdictional conferences, and on the ordination of clergy and other matters not delegated to the General Conference.
Our conference determine our own programs, along with the budgets to support them. The annual conference is composed of clergy members, lay members elected by each charge, diaconal ministers. Conference presidents of United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men, conference and district lay leaders, and presidents or officers of young adult and youth organizations. 
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