First United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 20, 2018
We are a church beyond walls.






Recently approved projects to be completed in 2018:


Set Free Grant:

  1. Upgrade main building HVAC system from 2 pipes to 4 pipe system to improve climate control year around.  Includes replacement of ceiling grid, tiles and light fixtures in basement hallway.


Foundation Grants:

  1. New 15 passenger van to replace two existing 15 passenger vans.
  2. Replace ceiling grid, tiles, light fixtures and ceiling fans in Social Hall.
  3. Replace stair treads and riser coverings in main building/ECC except those that are carpeted.
  4. New light fixtures in basement classrooms and library.
  5. Remodel kitchen in Senior Pastor Parsonage.
  6. Install below grade storm shelters in Associate and Senior Pastor Parsonage garages. 
  7. Canopy for main entrances (partial funding)


Individual Donation:

  1. New sign/LED display at intersection of 6th and Duck.


Trustee Budget:

  1. Remodel bathrooms utilized by ECC (during summer break)
  2. Obtain proposals and, if deemed appropriate, install security video surveillance system.
  3. Obtain proposals and, if deemed appropriate, install remote exterior door lockouts controlled by office.
  4. Replace ‘clouded’ windows in FLC.
  5. Seek ‘gas testing’ service for FLC sewer system to attempt location and mitigation of occasional sewer gas smells in FLC.
  6. Install new blinds in ECC classrooms (west facing windows)
  7. Installation of new light fixtures and receptacles in basement areas.
  8. New exterior steel doors for social hall kitchen and boiler room.


ECC/Trustee Budgets:

  1. Repainting of classrooms.
  2. Remodel hallway walls and flooring.




Going forward from the above current approved work the trustees have identified numerous projects outlined in the following section.  Presently the trustees next focus is on remodeling entrances and hallway areas around the sanctuary –specifically the two east entries into the narthex, tower room area to Chapel, south entrance to sanctuary and offices through hallway back to Chapel.  Improvement in the social use of the tower room area and parlor would be evaluated.  


Also, modernizing the ECC spaces are considered a high priority for this year.


Given the above approved projects, the above trustee focus, and the below planning list it would be valuable to the trustees to better understand the congregation views on improvements and priorities.  We seek the Church Council input to how best to obtain this input. 

In planning stage and/or potential projects for the following areas:





  1. Accent lighting on east and south sides of building.
  2. Canopies at main entrances,
  3. Renovate memorial sign at corner of 7th and Duck.
  4. Replace PVC ‘temporary’ sign frames with more attractive/durable metal frames.
  5. Repair/replace louvers and windows on tower structure.
  6. Straighten spire on top of tower.
  7. Replace broken sidewalk areas.
  8. Repairs to planter area of ‘pit area’
  9. Removal of concrete panels exterior to Chapel windows?
  10. Continued replacement of windows in ECC
  11. Evaluate long term fixes to isolated roof leakage areas
  12. Improve roof drain outlets in alley area.



  1. Replace flooring in classrooms.
  2. Remove carpet on hallway walls, replace with appropriate ‘soft’ wainscot and re-paint above.
  3. Install additional cabinetry in classrooms. (evaluate cabinets along window walls and evaluate interface with ducts and registers). 
  4. Replace lighting as needed.
  5. Replace suspended ceiling as needed.
  6. Repaint all rooms.


Tower room (from narthex thru entry, meeting area and hallway to Chapel)

  1. Repair moisture damaged brick in entry lobby.
  2. Painting/wall treatment  in entry area.
  3. Repair ceiling areas.
  4. Replace dated lighting fixtures.
  5. Install additional electrical outlets in meeting area.
  6. Replace flooring throughout.



  1. Replace wooden ‘theater’ seats in balcony with cushioned chairs.
  2. Replace furniture, flooring, paint in ‘crying’ room.
  3. Remodel south narthex entrance.
  4. Repairs to stained glass windows.  This begins with repairing detreating wooden frames on exterior, secondly addressed those windows with structural concerns, and thirdly addresses glass repairs and lastly replacement of exterior glazing.  The phasing of this work continues to be evaluated to determine cost effective measures and balancing needs of this work against other facility’s needs.
  5. Painting as needed to address water leaks.
  6. Linseed treatment of wood trim.



  1. Remodel south entrance lobby  and reception area
  2. Replace flooring.
  3. Replace light fixtures.
  4. Repair / replace ceiling as needed.
  5. Paint walls as required.
  6. Replace various bulletin boards as appropriate.



  1. Replace light fixtures with LED.
  2. New flooring
  3. Evaluate audio/visual needs.



  1. Remove and replace suspended ceiling system and lights



  1. Update decor / furnishings / lighting.
  2. Evaluate potential improvements for use by weddings/funerals. (Kitchen/restroom/change room needs)



  1. Evaluate layout, storage and space utilization to improve usage by staff and congregation.
  2. New window blinds.
  3. New lighting as required.


Social Hall

  1. News folding partitions.
  2. New audio/visual system.
  3. New flooring (last priority for this area)


Social Hall kitchen

  1. New dishwasher
  2. Wall treatment to improve ability to clean
  3. Flooring treatment to improve ability to clean
  4. Improvements to cabinetry



  1. Remodel men’s bathroom on first floor
  2. Basement bathrooms generally ok??



  1. Eventual replacement of chiller ( likely next 5 years)



  1. Replace bathroom vanities and coffee bar counter with granite or quartz.
  2. Repair/improve restroom dividers.
  3. Make repairs to various cabinets in classrooms showing signs of sagging.



  1. Procure a new/slightly used half ton four door pickup to replace the current Toyota compact pickup and Chevy Astor van.



  1. Repair exterior trim of the August street parsonage.



  1. Rental house - Repairs to exterior trim, soffits, siding and repaint.



  1. Expand paved parking
  2. Consider sale of south campus/ replace building needs with new building on site to accommodate mission needs currently supported at south campus.  This would include sale of perimeter property owned but not/under-utilized.
  3. Consider shelter for church vehicles