First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Set Free Distribution of Funds


Policies & Procedures

For the Distribution of Funds Received From SET FREE Commitments


Now that the congregation of First United Methodist Church has fulfilled our SET FREE campaign’s “Primary Goal” of retiring all of the church’s debt, we move forward toward fulfilling the “Visionary Goal” that allows us to refurbish our facilities, enhance our ministries and missions, and position our church for a future of faithfully responding to God’s call.


As our church family continues to fulfill their commitments made in response to God’s guidance as they prayed, “Lord, what do you what to do through me.”, all SET FREE funds will be held in a designated account until expenditure of those funds are approved by the Church Council.


Request and/or suggestions for the use of SET FREE funds may be submitted to the Church Council by Boards, Councils, or members/participants of the First United Methodist Church.


All requests for the use of SET FREE funds shall include the full scope of the project or purchase, along with an accurate estimation or bid which includes all cost associated with the request.


Suggestions, by individual members/participants, for the use of SET FREE funds that do not include detailed cost estimates, if deemed by the Church Council to be an appropriate and priority use of SET FREE funds, will be referred to the appropriate Board or Committee to secure an accurate estimation or bid which includes all cost associated with the project or purchase before the Church Council will grant approval.


All requests and suggestions for the use of SET FREE funds shall be submitted in writing to the Sr. Pastor, Church Council Chairperson, and Church Administrator, who will ensure all submissions are presented to the Church Council.


The Church Council will be responsible for reviewing requests and suggestions, prioritizing the order in which requests and/or suggestions will be executed, and approving the distribution of SET FREE funds.


To honor our SET FREE primary goal of being a DEBT FREE church, no projects or purchases funded by SET FREE grants will be executed until full funding for the project or purchase is available.


Any SET FREE Funds approved by the Church Council for projects and/or purchases that are not used for that specific project and/or purchase will remain in the SET FREE account to be used as directed by the Church Council.